3 Best Practices to Maintain Email Deliverability in 2020

    Email Deliverability

    Several new marketing channels surface every year and show the potential of an impressive ROI. However, only a handful can compete with the right approach of email.

    A large number of companies prioritize it as one of the top contributors to their strategy. In the coming year, stakes will be high for marketers to make the most out of marketing budgets, and email as a strategy may play a crucial role in the RoI.

    1. Send customized emails and focus on segregating the audience

    As per experts, marketers should avoid sending bulk emails as it will result in subscribers flagging the mail as spam. They need to use the data available with the marketing team to send targeted and customized emails to consumers. A personalized email such as a birthday deal or alert about a particular item that is back in stock, will help marketers increase deliverability rates. At the same time, they can expect to see an increase in conversion rates as customized emails provide what customers need right when they need it.

    1. Be consistent and continue the strategy if it is working

    Marketers need to avoid taking a risk just before the company is at its most profitable times of the year. They may witness a surge in sales by running a campaign that is not being tested. However, if it fails to pick up, the ROI may take a nose-dive. The trick is to look at the past campaigns and identify what delivery and creative tactics produced the best results. During difficult times, they should stick to the company’s best-practices for better results.

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    1. Refresh mailing list by removing subscribers who are not engaged

    Marketers need to refresh their mailing list from time-to-time and remove inactive subscribers. It is important to maintain the health of email campaigns throughout the year. Sending emails to disengaged subscribers will have an impact on the company’s email reputation. Companies need to have a periodical study and analysis of data to understand how customers respond and strategize on email communications accordingly. Such an approach will be helpful for the email marketing ROI in the longer run. Marketers will be able to see a growth in email ROI if the company is able to maintain a connect for content acceptance with its customers.

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