How AI May Nag You into Buying

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How AI May Nag You into Buying

Big Brother is Finally, Actually watching us! No, not form metal plates on walls, but from everywhere. Literally everywhere your cellphone screen your computer screen, your watch, and every other device that is connected to these devices. That’s no secret, and most social media browsers know the cost of their convenience and addiction – it ensures you have no privacy.

And most of us a lot many are, the number is still growing. With IoT, connected devices will only explode and AI will be the proverbial demon that feeds on blood- becoming fatter on data with every new connection.

Chatbots Will Drive a Bulk of Sales By 2023

Morbid? That’s our future. Every activity one does in the digital world is monitored- rightly or wrongly, to create strategies that will help someone market something to you in your most vulnerable moment.

And now a step further, your computer screen may be soon able to guess your mood as well. Breakup? You need a bar of chocolate, and after recognizing a sad, tear-stained face and anxious heartbeats, your screen – phone or computer, may soon be showing options for great chocolatiers! This will be a brilliant marriage of biosensors with AI- and it’s not science fiction anymore. IBM and Amazon are already researching these possibilities and success may not be too far away. Using this data to influence consumers, or creating full-fledged strategies- could be the next step in smart marketing. And there are already takers- a number mostly media firms at this point, is in the process of developing tools that will leverage this data. This is not even innovative technology anymore, Gartner’s annual strategic predictions indicate that in the next 3 years, AI’s ability to identify emotions will drive more than half of all online ads. So today, where one needs to search for a cellphone to have repeated ads for newer brands, in three years’ time, one will only need to sigh wistfully for a top of the line cellphone, and buying choices will be presented!

Artificial emotional intelligence (AEI) will soon have a significant role to play in campaign strategies and combined with shrewd insights about the emotional makeup of clients, could actually drive deeper customer engagement and understanding.

Prioritize Content Marketing From an Early Stage

Th magic of emotion detection and recognition works through a collaboration of facial recognition, voice pattern, and deep-learning analysis technologies. The market for their intelligent applications will be well over $25 billion by 2021.

Given the complexity of human emotions, this will be a very strong breakthrough.

But till then, we should be able to express our joy, laugher fears, and grief without any fear of being targeted for products. Despite so many privacy regulations, as technology progresses, these risks will increase manifold. But isn’t humankind asking for this kind of scrutiny?