As part of their ongoing efforts to address the growing COVID-19 pandemic, the Ad Council, White House, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), have convened Out of Home (OOH) industry leaders, including Clear Channel Outdoor, Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and Circle Graphics, to bring critical coronavirus safety messaging to the American public. From mall kiosks to airport TVs to Uber car tops and billboards, the industry is leveraging their extensive networks and donating premium inventory to help slow the spread of the virus.

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“It’s times like these when it’s so important that the industry rallies together for good,” said Lisa Sherman, president & CEO of the Ad Council. “We’re incredibly grateful to all of our extraordinary Out of Home partners who are ensuring that these critical messages are being seen by the American people.”

While each platform is providing customized support, all creative assets drive audiences to, a centralized resource from HHS and the CDC, which includes up-to-date information on the COVID-19 crisis.

Out of Home industry support includes:

  • Circle Graphics is donating printing and placement services to get creative assets in markets that have limited digital OOH availability, fulfilling an important need in many communities.

  • Clear Channel Outdoor created new OOH content for the #AloneTogether social distancing campaign and is featuring it on digital billboards across their entire digital OOH network.

  • Firefly is supporting the COVID-19 work across their platform on digital screens topping ride-share vehicles and taxis in major markets.

  • The intersection is currently running the creative on their assets in New York City and continues to work with the Ad Council to launch multiple distribution efforts nationally.

  • Lightbox is running the PSAs across their video screens in malls across the U.S.

  • OAAA will promote through its channels and leverage their membership, including Cooley Group, GSTV, JCDecauxLamar Advertising Company, and OUTFRONT Media, to amplify support.

  • Octopus Interactive is activating its nationwide network of digital displays inside rideshare vehicles to deliver the campaign’s ads to passengers.

  • ReachTV launched the PSAs across TVs in 90 different airports, reaching an estimated 18.3 million people per month with Ad Council’s COVID-19 messaging. In addition, another estimated 15 million video views across the ReachTV Celebrity Fan pages on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Uber is activating its cartop OOH ad space technology, bringing the campaign’s messaging to multiple markets across the U.S.

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This most recent announcement is part of the Ad Council’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 crisis, convening the country’s media to ensure the American public is receiving critical and vetted information during this unprecedented time.