From automated media buying to virtual marketing assistants, there are some top areas where the marketing industry can see innovation during the coronavirus crisis

Technology trends are more likely to spike during the times of a crisis. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has the potential to set up the stage for bringing momentum for the automation in digital marketing.

B2B Marketers Need to Change Their Vision to Succeed During the Pandemic

Here are some of the top marketing areas where the industry can come up with innovations during the time of crisis.

In the case of autonomous marketing solutions, orchestration plays a key role. However, there is significant scope for innovation in the currently used orchestrating marketing. Marketers need to now think beyond automated bid management to consider marketing funnel or life cycle. Innovation can be seen in systems that orchestrate marketing efforts with a deeply insightful view of the customer journey. There is an interesting array of benefits driven by AI and automation in some key areas. These could be the processes of protecting and detecting frauds, segmenting customers, enhancing attribution accuracy, improving cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, and picking out the right channel to drive engagement based on reach and frequency modeling.

Independent software providers are creating solutions for automated media buying. These solutions can tweak bidding strategies to change budgets. They can also assure better performance of creative customer connect segments, to improve performance without manual intervention.

Another area where marketers can come up with innovation strategies is voice-based interfaces that accompany intelligent assistants. Voice interfaces in intelligent assistants for smart speakers like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa; hold a promise to provide marketers a better understanding of the outcomes of their digital media efforts. It enables them to uncover trends and take advantage of opportunities in new ways that would have been laborious and complex if designed using traditional user interfaces.

Automated Personalization – the New Focus for Marketers

Lastly, innovation can also be seen in content curation and generation as well as customer support and service area. Bringing a balanced approach of innovation and automation to these marketing areas, especially during the coronavirus crisis, fits into a broader framework of a customer life cycle. This could have a significant impact on improving productivity, reducing costs, and increasing profit.