UK enterprises are focusing on swiftly moving to digital ad spending from the print media, more than ever before

The latest survey conducted on 1,325 UK marketing professionals carried out by suggested that 56% of UK based businesses have turned their prime focus away from spending on print ads during the last year. Enterprises are becoming digitally more integrated to comprehend the true benefits of digital marketing for business development and growth.

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The main reason stated for this shift away from print to digital media was the increased control enterprises have over their advertising expenditure – with results being more measurable. Plus, the results are fully trackable and, most crucially, attributable. In fact, 64% of people surveyed confirmed that this transparency over ROI remains the main reason for moving the major chunk of their ad spend to digital.

To accurately measure ROI, almost 62% of respondents said that the increase in conversions was the primary reason for the shift in their budgets. Over half of the companies, 55% surveyed, confirmed that they could reach out to a more targeted audience.

About 37% of the surveyed confirmed that they were actively leveraging social media ads as a tool to acquire new customers. Every strategic social media campaign ensures that businesses are addressing the most relevant potential customers to market their products or services by building tailored personas based on gender, interests, location, and income level.

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UK businesses are prioritizing to focus their advertising spend on digital media for enhanced flexibility, confirmed 24% of those surveyed. Digital ads provide agility to change tactics and strategy mid-campaign – as that is the crucial reason for increased focus on digital ads.

Companies are obviously aware of the benefits of SEO and digital marketing, as that’s the mandate to survive today’s competition. It’s impressive to see that in 2020, more firms than ever coming fully on board with the digital age, especially because that’s almost a necessity to survive the modern-day COVID-19 crisis.