Top Skills Your Digital Marketing Team Needs, To Be Ready For 2019

Digital Marketing

Technology is changing so rapidly, it will soon prove even Moore’s law slow. Here are the top 5 skills to help your teams fight in 2019

The  Scott Brinker’s annual Marketing Technology Landscape super graphics now displays more than 6,800 marketing technology solutions — a 27% jump from 2017’s figure. But this needs to be simplified to make any sense in reality.

There need to be some skills that will lead the pack into the new year of business, with unchartered marketing strategies, using newer tools. Here are the five top skills your team will need, to make a mark in 2019.

Digital Marketing Analytics

Digital marketing analytics allow assessment of the performance and ROI of all your digital marketing channels­ and activities. This will include social media, email marketing, blogs, and SEO. These figures allow you to assess the performance of each channel, relative to the others and even track customers throughout the journey. They can even identify and attribute specific marketing activities to revenue. To be able to leverage digital marketing analytics, there are some skills which your team will need to have. Data wrangling is one such skill. Also known as “data munging,” this is the process of transforming and mapping data from a raw form into another format so it can be used for other downstream purposes, such as analytics. Resources need to be able to utilize data to tell the stories of the customer journey- storytelling with data, using data visualizations. They also need to be able to study and leverage unstructured data, that is available in various disparate formats from social media platforms

Basic Understanding Of  Artificial Intelligence 

AI can support customer behavior analysis at a more granular level, for instance, by analyzing customer behavior over time and across different channels. This way it can help digital marketers deliver greater personalization. This trait will be key in 2019 when increasingly more personalized content and campaigns will need to be delivered to a far more discerning customer.

Social Media Marketing abilities

There really needs nothing to be said about the efficacy of social media in reaching out with personalized market strategies. This focus of marketing drives targeted web traffic, and by providing an interactive platform, can help better engage and understand the audience. The only skill needed is to constantly keep updated on its opportunities, since it’s an evolving practice.

Ability to Develop Content Strategies

According to a 2018 survey from the Content Marketing Institute, managing content strategically is a challenge for 72% of companies. But, in the market scenario, the organization also reports that Content Marketing gets thrice as many leads as paid search advertising. So, it is in their best interests if companies close this gap fast. Of course, this is not the job of a single team, and skills that go beyond technical fields. There is insights, human behavior skills, flexibility, diplomacy, and better interpersonal skills.

Ability To Work With Voice Search

According to Gartner, by 2020, 30% of internet searches will be activated through voice – without the use of a keypad or touchscreen. This will be a radical shift in SEO strategy and teams will need specialized skills to still wade their way through the alphabet soup that the digital marketing content will then become. With no words to guide, the content will need to be more accurate, of higher quality – and even more precise answers to questions. No one will get away with tactical addition of keywords into content.

As the digital marketing landscape continues to expand digital marketing specialists—curious, self-driven experts will need to continue to evolve with it.