Top 5 Content Marketing Trends

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a very key component of a well-structured marketing strategy, and will get more significant in time. With technological evolutions, content marketing has undergone a complete transformation. The rise of conversational AI, 5G and immersive content are going to be to the game changers in the years to come. These changes can also be harnessed to draw strength from a content plan. To understand this better, let’s look at the top five marketing trends that are creating new pathways for next year:

Live Video Will Continue to Dominate

According to Digital Marketing World, by the year 2021, 13% of the total internet traffic will consist of live videos. As social media becomes more interactive, the next few years will see a huge amount of video content developed solely for marketing purposes

Searchable Content will be enriched by Long-Tail Keywords

As we all know, conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) (better known as digital assistants) has become a part of daily conversations. It is safe to predict then that in the near future, AI and in the form of digital assistants and chatbots will become a significant part of conversations and almost half the search queries will be voice led. So, many content platforms encourage conversational, semantic phrases rather than typical keyword phrases. Brands can use these long-tail, semantic keyword phrases to create better content.

Immersive Technologies Will Gain Prominence

By March 2019, 5G will have its commercial launch, and over the next year, it will reach its highest leverage. That means brands and marketers would deliver content compatible with 5G. The biggest impact of this adoption will be immersive technologies such as AR and VR. Using AR will allow brands to offer a deeper product experience, and also be able to reach consumers in real time.

Interactive Content Will Spearhead Better Marketing Engagement

Marketing becomes much more effective with interactive content such as contests, quizzes, polls, surveys, games, interactive videos, etc. Globally, everyone wants interactive content, and they love stories, which could be shown in data and visuals.

Content Experience – the Lead of Content Marketing

Creating uniformly interesting content experiences needs a convergence of content and context. However, the interface and structure of the content are important too.

Operating in a rapidly changing marketing environment scenario, content marketing will play an increasingly important role in the strategy of customer connect. Being able to quickly adapt to the changes in the content requirement will make the enterprise future ready.