Top Three Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

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Top 3 Marketing trends in 2019

Digital marketing platforms earned about $65 billion in revenue only from mobile ads last year. Clearly, smart and aggressive digital marketing puts enterprises ahead of the competition.

But, with changes in social cultures, business environment, the economy, and technology fuel marketing dynamics, it has become essential to change marketing strategies. Updating technology, and strategy is imperative. The top three marketing trends that will be seen in 2019, include:

AI-powered Marketing

Intelligence has become a robust tool in digital marketing. According to predictions by Gartner, by 2020, over 85% of customer-enterprise relationships will be done through AI and not involve human interactions. AI and ML have this year crossed the experimenting stage and automation have become quite common in not just marketing, but other sectors as well. AI marketing platforms have already started powering push notifications, automatic analysis and retargeting, and even creation of marketing content. Businesses that adopt AI technology in marketing are saving costs and time while accelerating market growth.


Many enterprises are seen investing heavily in data collection and analysis to personalize emails and ads. Experts suggest that email marketing is still crucial in the digital world, and personalized emails have a high conversion rate are mostly the final trigger. Experts believe that to advances customer relationship and to build trust, personalized marketing proved to the clients that the company actually cares about their experience. AI uses behavior analysis like purchase history, some personal information, and demographics given by the clients to personalize ads for the right products. This also means that marketers don’t waste time and resources in pitching to an irrelevant audience.

Focus on Social Media Marketing

Social media is still considered as one of the most important digital marketing trends. With the reach expanding and including more diverse users across the globe, influencer marketing on social media platforms is growing. From 2018 to 2019, there has been a 9% increase in the number of active social media users globally, making it 3.48 billion users.

Experts believe that there is a lot to keep up with emerging digital marketing trends, so depending on the business model, solution, products and the clients marketing efforts and investments can be divided efficiently using technology.

Since marketing is an expensive venture, it requires careful judgment and consideration. Businesses in the past have not just spent millions of dollars, but also many years to identify effective marketing schemes. But with digital marketing, everything moves at a faster pace, and leveraging the right technologies and methods can help figure what works best for an enterprise.