Nearly 90% of Retailers Believe Hybrid Cloud is an Ideal Operating Model

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Nearly 90% of Retailers Believe Hybrid Cloud is an Ideal Operating model

Retailers have realized that providing a seamless customer experience is a vital factor in garnering new customers and retaining existing ones.

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The new study from Nutanix has revealed that retailers are adopting hybrid cloud as data privacy regulations tighten. Nearly 90% (87.5%) of retailers believe that a hybrid cloud is an ideal IT operating model. The majority of retailers plan to move away from legacy data centers in favor of hybrid cloud infrastructure, says the study. Moreover, the study observes that almost three fourths- 72% of retailers are planning to shift public cloud applications back on-premises.

More and more retailers are putting a significant focus on agility. As per the study, 54.3% of retailers ranked the ability to accelerate IT deployment as the key factor in deciding the perfect cloud environment for each application. To keep up with growing customer trends across several platforms, retailers are maximizing the flexibility of IT infrastructure.

As per the data, security plays a significant role in shaping a company’s cloud deployment plans. Around 64% of respondents stated that security has a major influence on their future cloud deployments. Also, 32% of them believe that a hybrid cloud is the most secure platform.

With tighter data privacy regulations due to GDPR and CCPA, retailers are focusing more on efficiently managing customer data securely. To keep pace with the ongoing policy changes, retailers are choosing hybrid cloud operating models as they offer security and flexibility. The study further adds that retailers run their business applications more often in the public cloud as compared to other industries. As per the survey, there is 11% current penetration of multiple public clouds and 19% penetration of a single public cloud. Retail takes the top spot when it comes to digital apps and IoT cloud deployments.

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To embrace Omnichannel retail experiences, retailers need to have the necessary cloud infrastructure. A flexible, as well as scalable infrastructure, is critical for retailers to use data to connect the e-commerce and in-store shopping experiences.