Organizations are rethinking their current strategy and focusing on feedback to deliver a wholesome customer experience

It is important for marketers to re-evaluate the existing CX strategy that addresses the changed customer behavior during the pandemic. They also need to highlight the possible implications of the new CX strategy and ensure the brand is delivering the right message. The pandemic is a good time to connect with customers and garner feedback. However, it is critical to rolls out revamped relationship surveys with only a few critical questions. A pulse-based model can be beneficial to keep the survey direct and engaging. Brands need to use this opportunity to follow up with people, introduce meaningful solutions, and show appreciation more than ever before.

Turning Customer Presence into Customer Loyalty

It is better to avoid flooding customers with COVID-19 information as they are already updated with it. Focus only on the most critical of the metrics that might require introducing some new ones that are relevant. Customers need assistance and assurance but catering to them will be challenging due to an increase in the volume of requests and other factors. To reduce the load on customer care and reduce the call volumes, it is better to have an extensive FAQ section or as well as chatbots to manage the growing customer requests.

AI can resolve CRM Challenges for best Customer Connect

The revamped CX programs should be aligned with business strategies and pursue the best interests of the company. In addition, the elements of the program have to be meaningful in the moment and in the overall context. It is important to understand and address customer priorities from a place of empathy with a focus on how to help them. As the world reaches the new normal, the benefits of CX will be critical factors in the growth focus of companies and customers alike.