Marketers prioritize an advanced content strategy for 2021 due to the increased use of online channels amid the pandemic.

The ability to surface new services and products into the market with relevant offers has never been such an issue for marketers. Keeping the increased usage of online media, marketers, especially from B2B companies, are focusing on advanced content strategy.

Lately, both consumers and brands have an increasing reliance on digital channels amid the pandemic. As a result, content agility has taken on new meaning and purpose across businesses. And as we advance, businesses need to be agile while responding to the evolving marketplace and consumers’ needs.

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According to Wunderman Thompson, about 35% of consumers revealed they shop online more than before. Again, some 34% of consumers agreed to use more online services – undoubtedly because the online experience is now more important than it was in the pre-Covid era.

Robert Rose_Content Agility Matters More Than Ever In this Digital Era_TCMO_SC_07 01 2021
Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Advisor at Content Marketing Institute

Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Advisor at Content Marketing Institute, says, “We’ve had to expand our network via digital marketing strategies such as webinars and podcasts, as we relied mostly on in-person events and conferences for brand awareness. We saw an increase in those whose organizations use content creation/ collaboration/workflow technologies (58% this year vs. 48% last year) – not surprising in a work-from-home world.”

Most organizations are prioritizing overcoming the challenges as they keep track of how this pandemic has influenced the overall buyer-seller stability. Marketers are creating engaging content to address such points of resistance – getting the target audience to touch the end-sale process.

Given the current scenario, content marketing is the backbone of the pandemic-affected business strategies of brands. In fact, martech tools and advanced technologies are now in use to track online content delivery effectiveness. Experts believe it will make for marketers to have such measurable effectiveness.

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Accordingly, CMOs are keen on investing in their production team – in order to train and provide necessary supports in real-time. Thus, it is crucial to implement an ROI-centric metric tracker for ensuring ‘good’ content. This will help brands with improved search ranking and more clicks.

Juliana Meyer_Content Agility Matters More Than Ever In this Digital Era_TCMO_SC_07 01 2021
Juliana Meyer, CEO of SupaPass

In this context, Juliana Meyer, CEO of SupaPass, explains, “Coinciding with the global move to content streaming and subscription services, creators that have doubled down on creating a specific destination online where they can own 100% of their revenue, and build a direct relationship with their audience on their own website and app have seen considerable success.”

Undoubtedly, people are more optimistic about the way brands have responded amid the crisis.

As we enter the new decade, this digital movement could substantiate to be relevant – helping businesses stand ahead of their peers and drive more sales.